Course Offerings (2019)



Picabo Street Academy provides a broad range of courses, as listed below. Students will choose their own personal pathway to success, which we continuously review and adjust as necessary to accommodate the demands of elite training and performance.

During the enrollment phase, we will thoroughly review and assess previous coursework and analyze applicants’ transcripts to formulate a success plan. This plan includes a pathway to graduation, encompassing the appropriate credits and courses required with all state, national, common core, and NCAA regulations considered. 

As individual students progress, we will review these requirements and, if necessary, make adjustments to keep each student on a pathway to accomplish their academic goals. At PSA, we strongly believe in working with the “whole student” to prepare them for their college of preference.

Course Types

• English 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

• Physical Education
• Health
• Independent Study: Strength and Conditioning

•  MS Life Science
 •MS Physical Science
• Earth Science
• Environmental Science
•  Physical Science
•  Biology
•  Chemistry
•  Physics
•  Psychology

• MS US History
• MS World History
• MS Civics
• Geography and World Cultures
• World History
• World History to the Renaissance
• U.S. History
• U.S. History to the Civil War
• U.S. History Since the Civil War
 •Modern World History from 1450
• Modern World History from 1600
• U.S. Government and Politics
• U.S. and Global Economics
•Writing Skills & Strategies

• Business Applications
• Introduction To Health Science
• Introduction to Business and Technology
• Information Technology Applications
• Computer Applications
• Economics and Personal • Finance
• Financial Literacy
• Legal Environment of Business
• Principles of business, Marketing, and Finance
• Principles of Health Science
• Principles of Information Technology

• Arabic
• Chinese
• Dutch
• Fars
• German
• Greek
• Hebrew
• Hindi
• Irish
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Latin
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Swedish
• Tagalog
• Turkish
• Vietnamese