Online Application Forms

Thank you for your interest in Picabo Street Academy. In order to be considered for admission, we ask that applicants submit all forms below so that we may make a thorough and considered evaluation; we are unable to make formal admission decisions until a complete application is  received at Picabo Street Academy in Park City, Utah. Please forward links to the teacher and coach evaluation forms to the appropriate individuals to be submitted directly to Picabo Street Academy.

Forms Available Online:

To be completed BY the applicant:
_____  Picabo Street Academy: Student Information including the essay
_____  Picabo Street Academy: Student Academic Information

To be completed FOR the applicant:
_____ Picabo Street Academy: Parent Recommendation Form
_____ Picabo Street Academy: English Teacher Recommendation Form
_____ Picabo Street Academy: Math Teacher Recommendation Form
_____ Picabo Street Academy: Coach Evaluation Form

Not Available Online:

_____ An official transcript and the student’s most recent grade reports
_____ $100 application fee

The $100 application fee is a non-refundable processing fee. Picabo Street Academy will produce a thorough evaluation of each transcript, and thereby a full assessment of credits needed, course options and recommendations, evaluation of graduation requirements and suggested guidelines of pacing with athletic or extracurricular efforts included.

Please contact Michelle Demschar to submit transcripts and make payment:

Picabo Street Academy
1762B Prospector Avenue
Park City UT 84060