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What does it take to become an elite athlete and exceptional student at the same time? 

Picabo Street Academy has an answer. Our model embraces the unique challenges facing elite student-athletes. 


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Given the plethora of virtual curriculum providers available, one of the most important tasks was to identify an academic partner who would meet the needs of PSA’s students. As Dan Kemp has worked extensively with many different virtual programs and official accreditation boards over the years, he was familiar with the strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and pitfalls of program offerings. PSA’s rigorous curriculum ensures that students are truly college ready.

PSA provides the flexibility of a virtual curriculum paired with live teachers to provide one-on-one teaching and support: an enriched blended model. Until the ultimate goal of being housed at the Utah Olympic Park is realized, PSA is located in the Prospector area of Park City. Our school has open areas for group study and community events as well as spaces for one-on-one, small-group, and full-class instruction. Students are encouraged to come to school each day as their training schedule permits. They are welcome to work independently, with peers, or with our teachers.

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In this student-centric model, students take ownership of the planning process and become accountable for learning outcomes. With as much or little live support as needed or wanted during a 12-month period, students determine when they learn. The completion of courses is not determined by the number of days sitting in a classroom, but by concepts mastered and skills learned.

Staff at Picabo Street Academy take a holistic approach to the schooling of each student. We like to help them determine the best situation for their needs. This may entail a full education solution, or it may involve supplementing classes taken elsewhere with individual courses. 

Parents of students who have high aspirations in an extracurricular activity are often concerned that their child will compromise college prospects and career opportunities by pursuing an extracurricular passion. With a proven track record in placing students at top colleges nationally, staff at Picabo Street Academy can provide a well-trodden pathway to college readiness, thus alleviating parents’ concerns and allowing them to enjoy their child’s passion and achievements.


How We Do it

PSA provides a unique education model where students can succeed in school AND in their sport or art without compromising the quality of either.

    • Our model is best suited for high performers in sports, arts, and entrepreneurship.


    • PSA recognizes that there is a critical window in which young athletes demonstrate their potential and earn a place on national teams.


    • Parents can trust that their child will not sacrifice college opportunities to athletic performance.

PSA is open 12 months of the year and offers rolling enrollment, so students can start their school year at any time.

    • School attendance is planned around the athlete’s training and competition schedules, enabling them to truly focus on each one without conflict or compromise.


    • School is open all day, allowing flexible class times that suit the individual needs of each student.


    • Students can enroll full time OR take individual classes to supplement their current school program.

PSA’s carefully selected academic partner delivers courses year-round at a level that will prepare our students for the college of their choice.

    • AP, Honors, advanced foreign language, and concurrent enrollment courses are available in addition to a wide selection of electives and core and common core classes.


    • All classes are AdvancEd accredited and meet NCAA-approved standards.


    • Students focus on mastery of core subjects – English, Math, Science & Social Studies – while fulfilling elective requirements to meet state and national requirements.

We prepare every student to excel in collegiate academics and provide one-on-one college counseling to help PSA students gain entry to their school of choice.

    • ACT and SAT preparation courses are available at PSA.


    • College counseling is provided by staff members who know the students and have extensive experience with the college application process.


    • We take a holistic approach to the education of each student, knowing that the best postsecondary pathway will be different for each one.

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