About Us

About Us

Picabo Street Academy, located in Park City, Utah, is uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional individualized education to students with an extracurricular passion striving to achieve their dreams and fulfill their potential.

Our History

The history of Picabo Street Academy starts back in 1986, when Picabo Street was named to the U.S. Ski Team. Only 15 years old at the time, Picabo spent the next four years struggling to find the time to complete her high school education while training and competing at the highest levels in alpine skiing to pursue her Olympic dreams. The obstacles she encountered and the compromises she made to successfully graduate from high school planted the seed that has grown into the vision and mission of PSA. 

Picabo believed there had to be a better way to serve talented young people with passion, so that they did not need to make compromises in either areas of their life. Their challenges were not satisfactorily addressed within the current education landscape.



Picabo moved back to Park City, Utah in 2015, and she felt it was the right time to give back to the sports community by creating individualized academic pathways for athletes with bold dreams. The work Dan had done in his previous 25+ year career, and especially, most recently with the U.S. Ski Team, was a perfect match. Picabo Street Academy was born with a passion for innovation and creating educational systems and solutions that work WITH students and meets them where they are in their academic pursuits. With this background and these innovative solutions, PSA launched itself into the hard work, and the best methods to support student athletes academically, and athletically!

A combined vision of student centric educational opportunities, and relentless execution of support allowed Picabo Street Academy to welcome its first student class in 2016. We continue to provide relentless support, innovative solutions, and opportunities, as well as deep and sincere execution of planning and implementation for the best opportunities towards success for our students. We hold our students accountable, provide them responsibilities to experience their own success and celebrate intensely as our amazing students learn and grow!




Exceptional Individualized Education



Providing unique, personalized education opportunities for students with an extracurricular passion so that they can achieve their dreams and fulfill their potential.



Our core values, represented by the 6 golden stars on our crest, are:


Set the bar high, and aim to surpass it


Be true to yourself, and honest to all


You are answerable for your actions to yourself and your community


Come prepared to give your best effort


Persevere despite challenges


Dig deep and take charge of your success

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