Is Picabo Street Academy a “brick-and-mortar” school?

Yes, Picabo Street Academy is located at 1762B Prospector Ave., Park City, UT. Ultimately, we hope to be located at Utah Olympic Park when the next phase of development is completed. Our teachers are present every day at school to assist and teach students.

What is the difference between Picabo Street Academy and the Winter Sports School?

Picabo Street Academy is open 12 months of the year. Furthermore, it is not a charter school, so students are not mandated to physically attend school for a set number of days per school year. This means that students and their coaches are free to create and adhere to their optimum training and race schedule, and never be behind in their school work.


Can I take individual classes at Picabo Street Academy?

Yes, students may enroll in classes at any time of the year, and credits earned will be transferred back to their school of choice.

Are there set times for classes each day?

No, students determine their daily schedule, including start time and homework load. They assume responsibility and accountability for their learning with the assistance and monitoring of teachers. Progression in a class is based on mastery as opposed to a time requirement.

Can I move at my own pace?

Yes. Students determine pace;  rolling enrolment; completion of classes occur when material is covered, irrespective of time.

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